博客 什么是NADCAP认证,你需要它吗?

By: 吉姆·迈尔斯 & 蒂娜·达奇尔的距离

Earning NADCAP certification means that a company has improved its processes to be a better supplier to Aerospace and Defense companies. 美泰克的蒂娜·达彻和吉姆·迈尔斯 威斯康辛州Investcast部门 解释NADCAP的重要性-无论你是铸造生产 投资铸件 or 离心铸件或为这些高要求行业提供任何其他供应商.


NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) is a rigorous yet rewarding accreditation program for Aerospace 工程、 Defense及相关产业. This certification process is intended to be a managed approach to conformity and auditing that follows strict requirements for 供应商 that are standardized by government and industry leaders.



NADCAP implements procedural audits of a company’s adherence to process – rather than individual workmanship. NADCAP系统地审查材料, 材料分配, 外包, 采购, 文档, 运营商的一致性, 和设备. 在较小的设施中,每个员工在每个接触点都要接受审计. 如果一个公司执行 无损检测(NDT) NDT审核是针对每个应用程序的. In other words, there is an audit for liquid penetrant and another for X-ray radiography. Audits for welding are performed by welding process, such as manual or metal arc. Audits cover the entire process from the time the welder gets their instructions to delivery to the client.



最终, undergoing NADCAP certification presents an opportunity for companies to better understand and refine how they do their jobs. NADCAP auditing processes are put in place to help a company identify their areas of improvement and give market recognition for the things they are already doing well. Recording how work is done and how materials are handled can highlight if a process is outdated, 如果工作流难以维护, 或者是否应该优先考虑特定的关键过程指标. This is especially important when also considered against the advice of a global network of technical experts, 承包商, 供应商, 和政府代表

Those companies and 供应商 who have given the green light for auditing gain new perspectives on their functionality and are given a running list of ways to improve. Everything from escapes within the system to failures out in the field are prevented under careful investigation and methodical change. 随着工艺变异性的减少,零件成本也随之降低.  

As a NADCAP-certified supplier continues to improve and reduce audit findings, 然后审计间隔时间可以根据绩效增加. Being a NADCAP-recognized supplier means the customer can reduce or replace costly individual audits that would otherwise be required by their Quality Department. Large Aerospace and Defense 承包商 historically have sent individual personnel out to audit 供应商, 但对他们来说,NADCAP认证是一种不言而喻的方式, “我们相信你作为一个公司”. 如果一家公司精通NADCAP的要求, 自然,信任供应商变得更容易了, 反过来,他们也知道自己的期望是什么.



许多供应商选择不认证, either declining audits after an initial certification or never getting accredited in the first place. 审计可能是昂贵的, and it can be cumbersome to commit to continuously evaluating procedures and managing audit task throughout the year. It can be a hefty investment to update processes and procedures and a substantial time commitment for employee training and quality assurance. Larger companies tend to be certified more often as they can more easily cover the expense through economies of scale. Achieving NADCAP certification is a current challenge for small companies, 不过NADCAP的认证是与地点或部门挂钩的, 所以公司的部分部门可以获得认证.


在整个审计过程中都可能出现违规. 在焊接, 例如, a minor infraction would be a mix-up in the weld cabinet – someone accidentally filing an 1/8 inch rod in the 3/32 spot (same material, different size) whereas a major infraction would consist of an entire lot welded with the incorrect rod with the potential to of being delivered to the customer.  Control checks are built into NADCAP processes to make sure processes flow as they should.


When a company receives their NADCAP certification, they move to a yearly renewal basis. If the company performs well with only a few minor marks after their second audit, 两次审计的周期延长至18个月, 然后他们会得到24个月的奖励. 正规的彩票app合集的威斯康星州投资部门在过去的4年里,N公司目前的业绩是24个月.


The first piece of advice for companies preparing for an audit is to start on the NADCAP 网站. This official resource offers detailed checklists with steps on how each requirement can be met so companies can go through and self-audit before taking the leap. 注意:有些资源需要注册到它们 eAuditNet 获取访问的平台.

Employees should also reach out to other professionals within their industry, 与熟悉NADCAP的专家和最终用户交谈, and rely on the customers who are knowledgeable enough to assist during the transition.

当一家公司承诺获得NADCAP认证时, 他们会自动提高, 作为同事, 供应商, 并得到客户的认可, 成长, 并提供质量.



吉姆·迈尔斯 是正规的彩票app合集威斯康辛投资部的技术总监.  He has been with 正规的彩票app合集 for over 10 years and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Materials 工程 and a Master of Science Degree in Metallurgical 工程-both from University of Wisconsin-Madison.


蒂娜·达奇尔的距离 is the Quality Manager of 正规的彩票app合集的威斯康星州投资部门n and has over 23 years of experience. 像吉姆·迈尔斯, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in 工程 with a Mechanical Focus.